Eastey ERX-15 Case Erector

The ERX-15 Case Erector Machine from Eastey is designed to automatically erect and seal the bottom of your cases at production rates up to 15 cases per minute. The ERX 15 is designed to keep production and maintenance efforts at a minimum while providing fast, efficient case erecting, making the ERX-15 an ideal alternative to manual case forming.

Simple Operation

The ERX-15 Eastey Case Erector enables a single operator to form, seal, and pack corrugated cases. Operation is simple: load up to 200 cases in the case magazine hopper and set your operation to run or jog mode. Separators release the leading blank case where a series of eight vacuum suction cups hold the case in a properly formed square position. After a set of stationary flap folding bars fold both minor and major bottom flaps, the case is then transitioned and the bottom is sealed with Eastey’s proven EX tape head.

Make adjustments on the fly

The versatile design of the ERX-15 case erector machine allows operators the flexibility of making adjustments on the fly without tools and easy-to-use hand-tightened knobs and cranks. Need to switch case sizes? No problem, case changeover is completed in minutes for a wide range of cases as large as 19.5” in length, 19.5” in height, and 15.5” in width.

Speed – Up to 15 cases a minute

The ERX-15 offers speeds up to 15 cases per minute

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