Zanasi Distributors (Industrial Ink Jet Printers & Marking Systems)

Zanasi Distributors USA Products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the land famed for engineering marvels such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.  As a world-class industrial inkjet printer and marking system manufacturer that’s been developing industrial inkjet systems since 1978, Zanasi applies equally sophisticated technology to its industrial inkjet printers, print software and inks. The result? World-class quality printing solutions with low failure rates and among the lowest Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) in the category.

Design and Options

Zanasi Industrial inkjet printers and marking systems have a compact design, and operate without the need for compressed air. Zanasi systems are used in applications such as: primary packaging, secondary packaging, micro printing, random coding, barcodes, anti-counterfeit and printing directly on foods such as eggs and meat. Zanasi offers Continuous inkjet, Drop on Demand, as well as Hi-Res printing systems to meet any application’s needs. Zanasi leads the market with Environmentally friendly Eco-inks.  Plant based inks and solvents engineered to protect the Environment.

The Delta and Zanasi Partnership

One of the biggest differences our customers note is that with Zanasi USA they are treated in the true Italian way—like family. Delta Packaging Systems values the relationships that we’ve built and we thrive on collaborating with our customers to learn about their businesses and print challenges. We then partner with them to customize a print solution—whether continuous inkjet (CIJ), Drop-on-Demand (DOD) or High Definition—that cost effectively meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

Say “Ciao” to Zanasi

Delta Packaging and Zanasi USA offer industrial ink jet printing and marking system solutions based on values, service and integrity.  Ready to learn more? The next step is easy. Schedule a free consultation (demo) to discuss your industrial print needs and learn how we can help.

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