Leibinger JET3up Industrial Inkjet Printer

The Leibinger JET3up industrial inkjet printer is capable of meeting any requirements for inkjet coding and product marking. The Leibinger JET3up marking system offers 800 features and functions:

  • Intuitive operation based on Windows CE Technology using a 10.4″ color TFT touch display. 5 levels of password management
  • USB port for multiple functions, Windows keyboard, mouse, data logging, externally save messages, uploading error logs to technical service to help prevent unnecessary service calls.
  • Large keys and menu navigation in multiple languages as well as endless numbers of special functions like graphic and font editor and all major barcodes 1D and 2D datamatrix
  • The ability to print up to 5 lines, multiple counters, .06-.63” print heights
  • Automatic solvent/make up saving system. Patented Seal-Tronic print head system for clean starts and stops
  • Auto speed measuring system for varying product speed where an encoder is not optimal.
  • Clean fill ink and solvent reservoirs with no exposure to ink and solvents on the fly.
      21CFRpart11 compliant
  • A wide selection of ink available for virtually any application required.
  • Programmable I/O ports for easy integration into line control systems.
  • Multiple colors in both dye based and pigmented inks.

Interval Mode

The Patented Seal-Tronic system allows the printer to turn on for a programmable amount of time to circulate the ink and perform any self-checks needed then turn itself back off. Thus, saving wear and tear and making sure your back up printer is ready at all times.

Patented Seal-Tronic System seals off the ink system from the outside environment resulting in the cleanest start and stops in the industry. When you need an industrial inkjet printer ready at a moment’s notice this machine will not let you down.

We have noticed in multiple production facilities that plant personnel will have a spare industrial inkjet printer running alongside the printer that is printing on the product, just in case the online printer goes down they can switch to the backup quickly.

The problem with this type of back up is that the printer that is not online is still putting wear on the system even though it is not printing. Downside, if you need this spare printer in an emergency you are basically putting a printer online with the same amount of wear as the one that is being replaced?

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