Zanasi Z408

Out of an extensive experience in the field of macro character marking, Zanasi reaches a further stage in the evolution of the DOD products’ range. It is able to drive all NZ printheads, even mixed, up to a maximum of 4, thus revealing its flexibility and proving ideal for applications with multiple production lines, or where it is required to print a number of lines on the different sides of the package, with a printing range from 5 up to 190 mm.


Thanks to its compatibility with a wide variety of fast dry and high adhesion inks, Z408 can print barcodes, logos and alphanumerical texts on the surface of whatever raw material and secondary packaging, ensuring efficiency and reliability in a myriad of sectors and applications.

Suitable for Harsh Environments

The solid and compact stainless-steel cabinet is equipped with an enhanced IP protection, which makes the system particularly resistant to dust, high temperatures and water jets, and therefore suitable for being used in the harshest work environments.


Interacting with Z408 is easy thanks to Orkestra®, the revolutionary management software with customizable user interface for a single operator through language, keyboards, and activities. The 10,1″ color touchscreen display further simplifies the coding experience, as well as the use of the graphic editor and of the stretch and drag & drop functions.

The software was born of the need to encompass and meet the future requirements of Industry 4.0; therefore, it has been provided with specifically developed modules for interacting with data and for controlling the production processes:

  • The Ethernet, USB and serial ports allow to access external databases and to organize their content, as well as to monitor the system’s performances remotely.
  • The I/O Module freely configures inputs and outputs thanks to default functions (i.e. counter reset print start and stop signal, alarm enabling) according to the specific needs of the production line, and without having to modify the software.
  • The Serial Interpreter Module automatically detects, decodes and translates the information coming from the most common external devices, such as ERP, PLC, scales, scanners and labelling machines.

Special mention should also be made of the renowned robust solenoid technology, which guarantees low initial investments and costs per single print, thus contributing to expenditure restraint.

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