Leibinger Continuous Ink Jet Printers

Leibinger Industrial inkjet printers are known to be the highest quality continuous inkjet printers currently in the marketplace. The range of application reaches from printing best before dates on packaging and marking various materials with color contrast inks. By the use of solvent based inks, the print is smudge-proof after one second on glass, plastic or metal. The newly developed refill system guarantees a clean and splash-free and smell-free refilling process.

Sealtronic Technology

Leibinger’s patented “Sealtronic” technology available on all models guarantees an immediate start, without the time consuming and often necessary cleaning and “ink warming” procedures virtually every other brand of inkjet requires. With only one key press, every model is able to start and is ready for printing in less than two minutes in most circumstances.

Must Have Continuous Inkjet System

From its robust hydraulic and mechanical systems to its user-friendly and highly versatile Windows CE operating system, Leibinger is quickly becoming the must have continuous inkjet system in today’s market.

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