Zanasi Z101

Z101 is the brand new Zanasi DOD entry level model, whose simple and compact stainless-steel structure, weighing less than 3 kg, guarantees an easy integration on every production line.

This system is perfectly suitable for coding alphanumeric texts and symbols on raw materials’ and secondary packaging’s’ porous and non-porous surfaces (boxes, cartons, packages, plastic bags, buckets, tanks and so on). It allows it to print a single line and to adjust its height freely between 7 and 20 mm.

User Interface

Printing can be easily managed through a flexible and intuitive user interface, equipped with a 5,7″ touchscreen. The hydraulic system’s restyling lies at the heart of the solidity that makes Z101 LITE the perfect combination of technology and design.

The renowned robust solenoid technology guarantees low initial investment, low cost-per-print, and the best price/quality ratio of the segment.

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