Zanasi Z5700 Printer

The newest model in Zanasi’s ever expanding industrial ink jet printer product line, the Z5700 comes in an IP65 Stainless Steel cabinet.

The Flagship

The new generation Orkestra software-based industrial ink jet printer series extends with the introduction of the new Zanasi Z5700 Printer, the flagship of CIJ printing systems.

Z5700 combines the technological excellence of CIJ product range and the ergonomic innovation to optimize productivity. Like all the Zanasi product offerings, it is equipped with a robust and compact AISI 304 stainless steel IP65 cabinet, specifically designed to offer a total protection against water, steam and dust. The system, which is certified by external tests (EN60529), shows a strong resistance and constant performances even in harsh environments, characterized by high humidity and condensation.


The Zanasi Z5700 Printer is available in different configurations, this model provides versatility using a variety of fonts and matrices essential to obtain high-quality prints up to 5 lines, on flat, curved, regular and irregular surfaces and virtually any substrate. It easily integrates into high speed production lines with a print speed exceeding 2000 characters/sec., and thanks to the special UHS (Ultra High Speed) software, it can reach 400m/min. speed.

Reliable and efficient in any application

The technologically advanced hydraulic marking system and the automatic printhead washing guarantee an easy and quick start up even after long production stops, allowing your operation to maintain high quality standards and minimal delay when production does start up.

Orkestra® Software: A new coding experience

Z5700 is based on innovative management software and offers a stable and flexible operating system, with 10.1″ color touchscreen can be programmed with a finger or stylus.  Orkestra provides a new coding experience for diverse production environments with a customizable user interface for each operator through language, keyboard and access level(multilevel login). The graphic editor, thanks to its simple and intuitive icons and stretch and drag & drop functions, guarantees the maximum flexibility in managing messages and reduces errors on the part of the operator.

The Z5700 system has advanced integration via Ethernet, USB and serial ports connected to external databases with fixed and variable type text fields, enabling the job and printing system performance to be monitored remotely with Orkestra Remote®.

The software includes modules that can be set up to connect with other devices and to control and monitor productivity. The system automatically collects, deciphers and translates the information coming from external devices. The analysis of the data and the production information coming from the report module allow you to trace your processes and print jobs in detail.

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