HSA Minitouch

The HSAJET® MiniTouch is based upon reliable HP TIJ2.5 technology which delivers consistent, high-quality, fast printing, exceptional value, and ease of use.

Robust design

The elegant black aluminum-casing underlines the robust design making it perfect for installation in production environments. The USB port is found on the side of the MiniTouch. A small cover protects it when not in use.

5.7” Touch Interface

Use the touch pen or simply a pointed finger to control the Mini Touch printer. Illustrative, easy to understand, icons lead users through all phases of building a print job making printing simple and fast.

Easy to integrate and use

With its small size, the printer fits where you want it. With the printheads mounted externally the printer can be used for down print as well as side print. The compact version gives you a controller and printhead in one unit making it ideal for side printing, for example on boxes.

No time between prints

While the first print is in action, the next print is ready to go.

Choose from ½” – 2” print height

The HSAJET® MiniTouch MT-HP4 can control up to 2″ print height. Mount the controller directly on a one or two-pen printhead for a compact version or utilize the flexibility of the Mini Touch to connect up to 4 pens to the controller, either as single heads or with a distributor box in a combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4-pen printheads.

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