Delta Packaging Systems M60 Automatic Labeling Machine

Need to increase your labeling efficiency and productivity in a small space?  The M60 Round container automatic labeler from Delta Packaging is built to help you work in small spaces.  It can be used as a standalone or as an in-line labeler for cans or bottles. It is the simple solution for a simple problem in today’s manufacturing world.  This product is built by Delta Manufacturing Systems in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dimensions & Output

The automatic labeling machine is 54 inches long and 24 inches wide with a 4-foot conveyor belt and can accommodate up to 60 cans per minute with wrap station to keep production moving. The height is adjustable to meet your existing conveyor and provide a continuous flow of product.

Label Sizes & Construction

The M60 automatic labeler holds labels up to 8 inches tall with 3-inch core and 12-inch diameter roll. The machine is stainless-steel and aluminum with state-of-the-art CNC made in the USA.

Drive and Power Requirements

The M60 has a variable speed drive with DC motors and relay switches that do not rely on PLCs that have to be programmed. It requires a 110-volt power source.

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