Zanasi Z402

Zanasi is a leader in the macro character marking market, and thanks to the established solenoids technology, Zanasi has finally designed the Z402 system. It includes the technological excellences of the DOD range and the Orkestra® innovation – the revolutionary marking system management software with customizable user interface for each operator.

A reliable and efficient industrial inkjet printer, suitable in many application contexts.  It keeps low management costs (TCO) and has multiple benefits, better IP protection, control and management in real time, uniform, and consistent performance even in harsh production environments, characterized by humidity, dust or high temperatures.

  • Long-lasting performance, reliability and avoid downtime
  • Reduction of maintenance and consumption of 50%
  • Satisfies the need for coding in the fastest and most flexible way
  • Remote printer management, saving time and resources
  • Orkestra®: customizable, intuitive, non-technical terminology and guided workflow


The manufacturing reliability is enclosed in a solid and compact controller, in stainless steel AISI 304, for seamless integration into any production facility. A modern 7” touch-screen color display guide to the creation of simplified messages, pictures and shapes to print onto carton boxes, packages or products like bags, panels, tubes, building materials, extrusions and many others.


The Zanasi Z402 printer allows you to drive two printheads simultaneously, one 16 dots printhead or two 7 dots printheads, according to the application’s functions. You can use a series of font and essential matrix to get high quality printings up to two lines, from 5 to 60 mm high, onto flat, curved, regular and irregular surfaces.

A new coding experience

The interaction with the Zanasi Z402 printer is driven by ORKESTRA®, the revolutionary management software, with a customizable user interface for each operator through language, keyboard, and activity (multilevel login). Furthermore, the system is provided with a graphic editor, with stretch and drag & drop, functions, easy and accessible through touch screen display.

Connectivity and total integration

Control and remote setting of the printhead single nozzle. An advanced and versatile integration through Ethernet, USB e serial ports, allows access to external databases with variable and fixed text fields and to monitor the marking system performance.

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