The TIPC15 industrial inkjet printer is delivered with the Windows 10 operating system and OBJ InkDraw printing software. OBJ InkDraw is our software that is specially designed for coding/marking applications. With a crypto-key, features of the Mail InkDraw are also available.

All HSAJET® software solutions provide the features needed for their respective markets, including database connectivity and unique serialization capability, as well as an easy to use intuitive design.

Remote Control

The comprehensive communication protocol allows you to control the HAS micron printer remotely. Remote management is done through Ethernet or serial connection.

Industrial Casing

The black anodized aluminum frame and steel case provide extra protection for harsh industrial environments.

Premium Series

In addition to the CB6e board, the Premium series consist of the Premium MiniTouch, the Premium TIPC15 and the essential Premium industrial inkjet printer printheads.

Advanced Software Features

Stitching accuracy down to the pixel level means printable objects can be located anywhere on the canvas without limitation.

All TIPC15 industrial inkjet printing software packages offer a flexible ink-saving feature, providing up to a 75% ink saving in addition to fully variable resolution.

Pen Assignment

All data is available to each pen. This makes it easy to assign or change the assignment of the data that the individual pen should print. With this new software it is not necessary to switch cables, which is the common way of assigning data to the individual pen.

Queue Control

Up to 16 messages can be printed simultaneously (from sensor to last pen). Prints are correctly queued at start and stop when printing from a database.

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