Zanasi Z4700

Ergonomic, reliable, and flexible industrial inkjet printer


The new Zanasi Z4700 Printer marking system conforms to the ergonomic and design tradition of Zanasi. Like all of the Zanasi product offerings, it has a robust and compact AISI 304 stainless steel IP55 cabinet without compressed air connection and can be integrated into any working environment. The hydraulic system has been redesigned to maintain high quality standards even after prolonged stoppages, to meet the demand for reliability both during standard, as well as more intensive uses, spanning several work shifts.

Higher resolution and sharpness – Lower consumption

The Z4700 is available in different configurations, depending on the application and adjustable with a variety of fonts and matrices essential to obtain high-quality prints up to 4 lines. It seamlessly integrates into production lines with print speeds of more than 2000 characters/sec. Thanks to the special UHS (Ultra High Speed) software, Z4700 can print up to 400m/min.

A new coding experience

Z4700 is based on innovative industrial inkjet printer management software on a stable and flexible operating system, with 10.1″ color touchscreen. A new coding experience with a customizable user interface for each operator through language, keyboard, and activities (multilevel login). A graphic editor with simple and intuitive icons and stretch and drag & drop functions.

Connectivity and total integration

Advanced and versatile integration via Ethernet, USB and serial ports allows access to external databases with fixed and variable type text fields enabling the system performance to be monitored remotely. A contextual help menu enables the viewing of teaching demos and information for problem solving, drastically reducing time for dedicated staff.

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